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Corporate Profile

Shunde Hou Xin Electronic Parts Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haleson PCB Co. Limited. Hou Xin Electronic Parts commenced production in year 1992, with a mere 60 people to start with. Haleson Singapore was then established in 2006 to serve the customers in South East Asia, Japan, America and the European region. It was an intensive labor manufacturing with annual production volume of just 400,000 square feet. Throughout the years of improvement, we had consistently converted the dedication of our staff into creating high quality products and have managed to gather customer satisfaction, expanding our capacity and upgrading our production technology as our customer’s demand increased.

Together, we grow along with our customers. Our staff is now composed of around 700 employees, and our annual production has reached 5 million square feet, eleven times of the initial production volume. Our staff are proficient in the latest technology, and our production process is highly automated in order to achieve better quality.

Not only did we obtain ISO9000 certification in 1999 and certifications such as the UL and ISO14000; in year 2004, we passed the RoHS environment requirement in certified SGS in PCB products series, and we have also obtained TS16949 in 2007 and will be obtaining IATF16949 in Oct 2017. During the last few years, we have upgraded and introduced a new set of equipment for advanced manufacturing process. Through continuous improvement in all areas, we have provided PCB – Professional, Cost Effective and Best Service to our customers, and we have achieved the intangible (total customer satisfaction)in every tangible aspect.

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